Monday, January 9, 2012

Wonder works aka upside down house!!

Tuesday night of our mini winter vacation we wanted to go to the Dixie Stampede.  Monday night was the last show so we were really disappointed we waited till Tuesday to do our night out in Pigeon Forge.  We decided we would take the boys to the NASCAR Speed Park to play games and ride go carts.  Well.............they were closed as well.  :(  A few of our friends had went Monday afternoon and told Bart it was pretty neat.  We decided since we had nothing else to do and since it was the only thing open we would try it.  I am soooooo glad we did.  It was sooooo much fun and Stephen still talks about it a week later!  Jackson LOVED it as well!
Of course the shooting games were a big hit with all 3 boys!!

This was the outside of the building.  When you walked in the door it creaked . 

The inside of the main doors when you walk in!  This was on the ceiling!

Stephen having a try at the pulley.  Daddy had to help him pull himself up!!

Jackson used his feet for help, but did a good job all by himself!

Surprisingly I was able to lift myself as well!

This was a mind challenge.  You had to look a t the direction of the water and see if you could tell which way it was going and if you could see color on the water!

Jackson LOVED the video basketball.  His face was put in the computer and he was really playing along!!

I think Stephen broke this.  It was working............then the pedals stopped moving.

Anything with action Jackson likes!  That is why we call him action Jackson!  This was a  snow boarding  activity.

Of Course he could do this great!!

Stephen in melt down mode because I asked him to let me take a picture!

Ready for pictures again since he found something he liked!!!

I got in there and showed him what it looked like.  I stuck my tongue out to him and he had to go back in there and do it himself then wanted me to take a picture of it.  Yes his tongue was touching.  UGH!  

Anything sports makes this boy happy.  I think he did this 2 dozen times.  There was no one there so he could keep going and going!!

Stephen liked the baseball thing to.  It told if you got a strike or a ball and how fast you threw it!!

Stephen absolute favorite!!  If he had a few seconds he would run off and go back to the space ship.  Tons of buttons to push so it was a really big hit!!

Jackson and Bart learning how to fly and land a plane.

This was awesome!  You stood in front of the screen and it took the heat off your body and well I am not sure , but it was neat! ;)

 One of my favorites!!  Both my boys have always LOVED the smaller version of these.  I have no idea what the name of it is, but it was really cool to see one this big!!

Jackson laying on a real bed of nails.  Seriously!!

Pulling the rope to make the bowling ball fall and let the tennis ball fly up!

Stephen on the bed of nails.  The workers commented on how well behaved he was.  They said they have never seen a 3 yr old lay that still.  He said it might work good for time outs!!  

This was an intense game!!  It was suppose to show who had less stress.  If the ball went away from you that means you won and had less stress!

Stephen lost, but the game lasted for several minutes.  I think Stephen just did not like the thing  on your head!

Me and Bart played.  I lost.  I lost really bad.  

This was another intense game!  It lasted for a while as well and finally Bart made Jackson laugh and he was no longer relaxed!

Playing the harp with no strings!

Jackson got to rock climb, but Stephen did not weigh enough.  You have to weigh at least 40 pounds.  

If you are ever in Pigeon Forge go to Wonder works!  It was AWESOME.  We were there for about 4 hours and could have stayed longer, but it was 10 pm and they were closing!!

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