Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday to Stephen!

Stephen turned 4 years old last night (Jan 31st)
We went to the Lakeshore Mall to pick up Stephen's cake.  Stephen's favorite thing is the carousel.  So I promised him and Jackson a ride.  Jackson loves the round things that you can spin and make go faster.  They were broke, but he still had fun riding a horse!  

Afterwards we met Aunt Jo and Lanny and Kiku's to have supper!  Jackson and Stephen did not want their picture made!!

Stephen was kinda scared of it, but he did like it.  When the other tables were getting lit up he climbed under the table or  covered his eyes!

They let Jackson help cook!!

He LOVED that!!

After Supper we rode back to Pam and Farrell's house to have presents and cake!

He has been asking for this kinda cake for a while!  He LOVED it and it was super yummy to!!

Birthday boy and big bro!!!

Birthday boy with 7 stitches :(

4 candles!!

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