Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentines Church Party 2012

We had a great time last night at the Church Valentines party.  We ate pizza and all kinds of goodies!!

Thanking them for all their hard work on the new basement!

Judy did the lesson this year and it was really precious.  All the kids were so well behaved and they listened really well to!

The goodies!  The ones at the bottom of the picture are super marshmallows dipped in chocolate!  Really cute idea.  I think Autumn made them.  Someone should have took a picture of one and pinned it on pinterest!

The goody bags.

All the sweet mamas and some kiddos!  All these mamas are special to me because they have had a hand in teaching my kids in Church. From L-R.  Lydia is really precious and I know Jackson adores her and LOVES being in her class on Wednesday night!!!!  Felicia well I think Jackson really LOVES her as well!  She teaches him Sunday School and she is sooooo wonderful!  Jackson is always full of information and learns alot from her!!  The next one in the blue shirt is one of my BFFs!!  Ruthie!!  She is so precious!  Very dear to my heart.  Always smiling.  Taught both my boys on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  Always uses her heart!  She is soooo smart with the bible and teaches the kids in such a special way!!  Stephen LOVES his ru ru and I think I can say that Jackson does as well.  Deana she is super creative.  Always there to help and my Stephen adores her.  She is always good at doing Wednesday crafts, but does an excellent job teaching as well.  Lily, Lydia's daughter!  Rhonda is another super crafty girl.  She taught my Stephen bible school and he enjoyed every minute of it!!  Next is Trae and Brooke!  Brooke is going to be like her granny, Mrs Charlotte and her mama, Missy.  She is always there.  Always.  From helping in the sound room, to helping with the youth!  I know Jackson loves her!!

 2 cute matching little girls!!  The littlest one is Stephens future wife in 30 years!  We have arranged it.

Stephen has his bag ready!

 Bronson and Jackson!  Love the smile on Jacksons face!!

 Now how could these 3 get any cutter???  Blonde hair and blue eyes!!  Heart breakers for sure!!

These 3 kiddos are pretty darn sweet too!!!  Darla, Eric and Meagan.  

Girly, Girl Molly!!  So sweet and cute!!!

The little ones going through their loot!

Stopping to smile so I can take another picture!

The bigs kids going through their stuff!!

I love our church youth group.  They are a blessing to me and my kids!!  When we have missed a Wednesday night  for varies reasons Jackson is soooo upset.  He seriously loves going to church especially on Wednesday night.  We have some amazing youth leaders.  We are truly blessed!   

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  1. What a beautiful group of people. It really takes a village (church) to raise little ones. It looks like your church would win hands down on volunteers! And what sweet children - do you normally have this many show up? So happy that you have wonderful people around you like this in your church home. Your grandparents have always talked about how wonderful the people are that go to your church. Love, Mom


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