Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I went to get a pedicure done and I was almost finished when 2 girls walked in.  They were sisters and I use to work with the oldest sister and then my husband graduated with the other one.  It made me miss my sisters so much.  Pamela the oldest lives 2 hrs away and Mary the youngest lives about 45 min away.  Its hard to get together with everyone's schedule.  I actually found this picture about 2 weeks ago.  I was wanting Barts opinion on my hair and this is about the only one I found with me having short hair and it actually fixed!  ha!!  This was taken in 2003 when we were eating for my birthday.  

Its sooooo nice to be with them.  
We had a family day at the Lake in August 2010.

Mary is 17 years younger than me and 19 1/2 years younger than Pamela. 
I can't remember what we did this day.  It was taken in May 2011 and I think we went to get Pedicures???

Thanksgiving 2011 at Pamela's house.

I love my sisters and they aren't just sisters.  They are friends to.  I miss them like crazy!!!

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