Friday, February 26, 2010

Theres a new cat in town!!!

Stephen just adores our black kitty and will try his hardest to hold the kitty. When he does run fast enough to catch the kitty or sneak up on it he will definitely take a turn in holding it. Sometimes the kitty gets held upside down while other times he holds it by its neck. He really does love the kitty. Well there is a new cat visiting our house occasionally and he is rather scared of this fat grey cat. The other day before nap he looked out for our kitty named Nemo and instead of waving or saying hi to Nemo he promptly laid down like this and would not get up. He would not even budge when I would try to turn him around. Stephen is terrified of Grandma and Grandpas cats. He runs and screams crying when he sees either of their cats. He can call our kitty by name and says it like Myno.

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