Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More pics from race 5-28-11

My sister posted some pictures from the race Saturday and they were so good I thought I would share here since I have some non face book readers!

Jackson and Stephen snacking in between qualifying and 1st run! Kahlab and Stephen chillin in the golf cart while Jackson is in the staging lanes.

Picking the car up and putting it on the golf cart dolly. Heading to the staging lanes.

Not sure what they are doing here. I know Jackson is snacking!!

Jackson staging his car at the tree. You can't see it really good, but underneath his name it says deep. Jackson started staging his car a little different and they have to have that word on his car or he would automatically red light and go out. (I think that is what it means!!)

Getting ready! It was so hot and I hate Jackson has to wear that stuff, but its for protection. He gets so hot so easy. We bought him a battery operated fan to put in his car.

In the staging lanes waiting for our turn.

Jackson being silly!!! Gotta luv him!! :)

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