Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a picture......................

to keep some friends and family happy!! Tammy this one is for you.

I never knew that this parent thing would be so busy. I thought when I became a stay at home mom, we would stay at home. Now I know I am the one who drives the car and I could easily just stay home, but when you have a 7 yr old who wants to go do this, this or this it easier to say OK! Jackson has been in basketball camp this week. We went swimming every day, but Thursday and bible school has been every night. The house is a mess. Well its decently clean, but try walking through at midnight with the lights off and I guarantee a ER visit! Stephens napping has been totally off, but surprisingly he has been on his best behavior. I do like tiring out my boys though. Jackson tried to take a nap Thursday before bible school. He is exhausted. Next week is football camp and after that we should have a small break in June. Almost 2 weeks without anything. July is jammed packed though. I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.

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