Monday, May 31, 2010

What our summer has been like so far!

Sleeping on the couch is a big favorite in our family. Well for the boys anyways!! Swimming for almost 5 hours, missing a nap and being hungry wore this little feller out.

Before church Wednesday night Jackson "was" playing the Wii!! He was also wore out from the almost 5 hours of swimming. He fell asleep on the ottoman with the Wii remote in hand!!!

This is a FAVE time for me!! Jackson leads our prayer during lunch time now that he is home. Love love love hearing him pray!!

Last week we went swimming every day but Thursday. We made a trip to the Library and walmart. The 2 little boys passed out on the way home and slept for 4 hours. At 5 they finally woke up and Jackson even took a nap!! I LOVE letting them play their little hearts out. It makes for some tired little boys!! After Shelia picked Matt up we went to eat at Papa's Pizza and let Jackson swim Thursday night! It was a great week. Jackson is at the beach with Rodney and I am only keeping Matt Thursday and Friday. I hate when he is gone. :(

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