Friday, May 7, 2010

Just for....................

Just for Today:

I will let you look down the drain pipe with your friends. They make soap and hand sanitizer everyday. It means you are curious and I want that little mind to keep thinking! Just for today I will let you wear your bubbas shoes in the house because that means you love him and miss him when he is gone. You might not like him tomorrow and for the moment its sweet!

Just for today I will let you dump all the eggs out on the floor. It means you are having fun and I don't want that to stop.

Just for today I will not take your picture 500 times and expect you to smile if you don't want to. I know you hate having your picture taken so I will not take your picture like I did on the one below.

Just for today I will let you ride on your dirt bike and not have a fit. I know you are careful and I know you enjoy it. I wont take that enjoyment away!

Just for today I will let you sleep in my bed and not fuss. One day you will be to big for my bed and not want to sleep or cuddle with me.

Just for today I will let you have fun getting dirty and muddy. I will even let you wear your shoes in the pool so it wont hurt your feet. I have to wash your clothes anyways.

Just for today if we see a giant turtle on the side of Post Rd I will turn around 2 times so both of the boys can see it. Its not every day we see a HUGE turtle walking around.

Just for today I will let you eat your snow cone all by yourself. If you get sticky and messy it will be okay. I have baby wipes in the diaper bag anyways!

Just for today I will get you want you need. I wont tell you to get it yourself. I like helping others and LOVE helping ya'll.

Just for today I will let you pick up frogs and other nasty stuff. I don't have to touch it so I should let you enjoy what you enjoy!


I will love ya'll unconditionally.
I will pray for you every chance I get.
I will think of you every moment I get.
You will always be my baby.
I will pray for you to be saved.
I will thank GOD for you.
I will be happy to call you my son.
I will be happy to be called mother, mom or mama.
I said in my last post that it had been a rough week. It is alot better. I have got to stop sweating the small stuff. Tomorrow is a new day. It got me to thinking about all the little stuff I fuss about, worry about or get upset about. I love being a mom to my 2 wonderful sons. I am so blessed to have them!!


  1. Jeane Turner MeeksMay 7, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    Now Juli, this is one beautiful post to a blog that I enjoy more than I tell you. You have hit the big times when you do the things you have posted. Being a Mother is one of the hardest things anyone can do, but it is the most rewarding things ever that I know of. Your children are so wonderful, so you must be doing something right! You are blessed, which means I am being blessed as well. Love you all, Mom

  2. Your boys are sooo cute! I'm now a follower, look forward to reading more! Happy Mother's Day!


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