Friday, May 14, 2010

Jackson's field trip to the Zoo!!!

On May 11th we had an amazing Field trip at Zoo Atlanta. It has been years since I had been and I was super excited to spend the day with my No. 1 little boy!! We woke up bright and early that Tuesday Morning! I was going to take Stephen to a friend from church and Jackson decided he wanted Stephen to tag along. So we headed to school got his Field Trip tshirt and scooted down the road to meet my Stepmom and little sister! It was a fabulous day! The boys were extra well mannered and Mary Grace was precious as always!!! We met the rest of the class and went in. After a few group shots and a potty break we broke up and it was just the 5 of us. It was nice not following the school group and just spending some good quality time with family. I took way to many pictures, but the memories will be with us forever!! Here are some hi lights from our day!!!

Mrs. Palmers 1st graders!! The shirt says Mrs Palmers "FROG"tastic 1st graders!! She loves frogs and Tessa's mom made all 21 shirts!! Several kids are missing.
Of course a fan favorite from my group!! Jackson and Stephen love turtles!!

Me and my little roo!!

I loved the Kangaroos. SO pretty!!! Grandma helped Stephen push the buttons to hear the different animal sounds!!

I can't for the life of me think what these are called. They were so darn cute!!! They reminded me of my 2 active little fellers!! They were running and swing from branch to branch!! The baby was especially cute!!!
Stephen LOVED the wart hogs!! I spoke with a few moms the next day at the ball field and they had saw the wart hogs last after lunch. They all commented on the baby wart hogs. They said the babies ran around like crazy! I am sure Stephen would have LOVED to see that!!!

Jackson or Mary Grace commented on how he looked scared and was shaking!!

MY FAVORITES!!! The boys bathroom is decorated in Giraffes and I can't wait to print some out and put them in frames. I got some really really good ones!!

This was hilarious!! Again the other moms commented about this guy getting up and playing in the afternoon. I guess he was being lazy in the morning!!

Jackson took this picture and it turned out pretty good!!! Might use this in the boys bathroom as well!!

Jackson thought this was really cool.!!!

Isn't he a doll!!! OMG so cute!! (OH and he posed for a picture with out fussing!!!!)

This Gorilla would not move. Jackson thought it was super funny that I took a picture of his back end. I think he has told everyone about it!!

AWWW The Pandas were just so darn cute. They had 3. They were all 13 years old. I would take one home if they would have let me!!!

Stephen LOVED the pandas. He would just laugh and laugh!!

We got to see one of Jackson's BF named Coby.

Jackson, Stephen and Mary Grace watching the silly otters. They were just running and running!!!

Very cool!!! They played the majority of the time we were at the station.

Jackson LOVED this frog!!

Mary Grace just scooted Stephen down the hand rail on his rump. She would go by each window showing Stephen all the animals.

UGH!! I hate these!!!

This was AWESOME!!!

Yuck!!! Jackson took most of the snake pictures. He LOVES snakes!!

Red Panda. Never got to see his face, but was still beautiful!!!

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