Friday, June 18, 2010

Tuesday fun with the boys!!

Tuesday me and the boys spent the day in Gainesville. I am glad we did that the earlier part of the week. By Wednesday night Jackson was fussing with a hurt ear. Thursday mom kept the little ones while me and Jackson had a mother-son date to the doctor, rite aid and KFC. Thursday night was horrible and he was up crying at some point. Back to Tuesday.............We went to run errands, eat at CiCis and go to Monkey joes. The boys were super well behaved and had a blast!!!
Stephen is probably laughed and thinking, Ha ha you can't get me!!!
Jackson had a great time climbing through all the fun stuff!!

Stephen coming down the big slide!!

WOW!! That was fun!!!

Jackson had a ball!!

Jackson helped Stephen the first few times, but then Stephen was an old pro!

Jackson having to help Stephen again. This was right before Jackson dropped him and Stephen slipped right down all the red bumpy things. Poor baby, that can't feel good!

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