Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day................a little late :(

Fathers day we spent the day with Nonnie and afterwards Bart wanted to go to Sams and we also visited Barts daddy's grave.

Before we went to Sams we rode by and saw Bart's Aunt Carolyn. She is such a precious lady!! It has been FOREVER since we saw her and we had a very nice visit! She of course was in love with Stephen and they enjoyed looking at pictures!
When Jackson got home we went to play some good ole putt putt at the Pirates Cove in Helen! It was nice. All Bart wanted to do was have fun with the boys. He leaves early in the morning before they are up and then its late when he gets in. So since it was his day he wanted to have some father/son fun!! I tagged along!! Saturday we went bowling and ate BBQ!! Jackson choose putt putt!!
Stephen had fun throwing his ball down through the water!!

Jackson just had fun playing. He actually got a hole in 1!!! Grandpa would be so proud!!

He thinks he is king of the world!!

They enjoyed their free ice cream!!

Can't you tell it was good!!

Throwing food to the fish!!

Stephen had to have daddy's help!!

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