Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bass Pro Shop

Sunday we went to Bass Pro after Sunday School. Stephen did NOT want to have his picture taken with the Easter bunny!! He threw one more of a scared fit. So Jackson sat with the Easter bunny! Jackson had alot of fun making the crafts there. Stephen and Daddy walked around and looked at the fish while me and Jackson made our crafts!!

We had some time to kill so we ate at the food court. Jackson and Stephen thought they were super cool walking without mom and dad!!!! Stephen of course is trying to take the lead and pull Jackson through the store!!!

Jackson tried the rock climbing!!

Stephen posed for his mama!!!

Ain't he cute!!!

The boys had alot of fun playing all the shooting games!!!

After all that fun we let the boys do the little egg hunt. It was very crazy so I did not take any pictures. Stephen and Bart tagged teamed while me and Jackson scoped out the eggs!!
After the egg hunt we paid a little visit to Nonnie. Please pray for her.
Tomorrow is the BIG Easter party and egg hunt at school!!! Jackson is super excited. Saturday is the BIG egg hunt at Church!!
Easter Blessings to all!! I think this is my Favorite Holiday. It use to be Christmas, but after doing my bible study @ the Torch I have a new and better prospective with Christ and what he has done for me. The egg hunts are fun, but I am glad I can teach my kids the true meaning of Easter!

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