Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This little guy has been sick since early Tuesday morning. He wanted to go to school so I went ahead and sent him. I got a call at 8:07 Tuesday morning to come get him. All day Tuesday he ran a fever up to 103.3 I put him in the tub, gave Tylenol and Motrin. The whole time I was praying he would get better so he did not have to miss his CRCT test. FINALLY sometime after his last dose of Motrin at 11pm his fever broke. I took it around 6:30 am and it was 98.1. I woke him up to get him ready and he wanted to know what he temp was. I let him know I prayed and prayed for him all through the night and morning for GOD to heal him and also for GOD to help him on his CRCT test. I told him that I knew that he would do GREAT on his test and then he said "I know, GOD will take care of it" BLESS his sweet little heart!! Oh he is just to precious!!! Please pray for all the students taking the CRCT test.

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