Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break day 2!!!

Tuesday was a day out with Jo Anna and Mary Grace!!! The kids had fun at the driving range!!! Daddy came with us and we all hit some balls. Daddy and Mary Grace were kicking our butts. I guess she got the golf talent cause I sure didn't!!! Look at her swing!!! Its beautiful!!! anywho!! Jackson had fun hitting and Stephen had fun getting in every ones way, picking up tees and trying to hit the balls. After the driving range we left the golf course and went to the water park in Buford. It was alot of fun and Jackson had a blast!!! "Here mom, I found another broken tee!!!"

Looking for tees!!!

BTW, if you are a golf fan please check out Double Oaks in Commerce, GA!!!
Those are the last of the Spring Break pictures! I forgot to charge my camera. such a bad mom :(

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