Saturday, March 31, 2012

2nd points race 0331/2012

Okay so I know this is 3 post in one day.  BUT if you didn't see the other post then click here to read about Jackson's 1st time down the track and his test n tune or you can click here and read about the 1st points race.  Anyways so we had a good day at the 2nd points race.  Jackson won 1st round and went out on the second round.  

Stephen got out the old wrist bands and today they were stickers! 
We got shirts.  Finally after a year into this we seem more like a team with team shirts!

Jackson and Hot Rod!

I like this picture.  I don't think I have ever taken on like this.  I think I need some photography classes since I didn't get it centered!

Jackson got to the line to get cranked and forgot to strap his arms down!  He couldn't find them so he had to pull himself up and look for them.  He found them!  They won't let you crank the car unless they are strapped!

Stephen thinks he is as big as the other kids or maybe he is just helping daddy.

I always want to know what is going on in their heads.  I  really don't think I wanna know what Bart is thinking.  To much info for this girl!  I know Jackson is probably bout to pee his pants and thinking please don't go red please don't go red.  I like to think Stephen is thinking please go green please go green or maybe he is how old do I have to be to do this again?  Or maybe he is thinking man I am sick of this place and when I turn 8 I am so not doing this!!

This will be his car when he turns 8! 
He knows how to steer people!

After the race Stephen and I rode with Bart to look at a bobcat job.  We were bored so we took a picture.  This so makes me wanna call Shelia to get more color!  

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