Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our week

Saturday was test n tune day at the track.  Unfortunately it rained and got canceled after we were there for about 4 hours.

The boys had fun riding scooters, tricycles, playing football and getting to see a few old friends from last year. 

Stephen was going to try and take a nap after eating some pop corn, but did not ever fall asleep!

Monday we had lunch outside and of course played outside all day!

Stephen was showing me a pouty face

and this was suppose to be a scared face.  Not sure what he was doing.

Our sweet dog Miley has been enjoying our nice weather.  We keep her in a pin and the boys get her out some.  She always runs to the road, but for some reason she has been really good to stay at the house.  So she has spent most of her time out with us!

Its been so hot and I make the boys drink tons of water.

Wednesday was spent in Gainesville and when we came home Stephen wanted a picture "with my best friend Miley"!!!

While waiting for Jackson and his 2 friends to get off the bus Stephen played Playhouse Disney.  This was his first time playing on the computer.  He eventually stopped playing and watch Chuggington on the computer!

Its Thursday and its raining and the power went off for about 2 seconds!  So we are spending our time inside for now.

Friday we are suppose to test Jackson's car, but its 80% chance of rain.  Saturday is an actual points race and its suppose to rain that day as well.  Hope the rain will give away before then!!

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