Saturday, March 10, 2012

He is ready for another year

After placing 7th in the younger juniors at Commerce last year he is ready to go again!  We test and tune next weekend and we are so excited to run his car.

You can read the post from last years test n tune day here.

You can see a little more about his racing from the 2011 season here.

I hope to blog about his racing better this year and take more videos.  You can see a video of his last race in Greer, SC here

His last race of the whole 2011 year in Greer, SC

His big night at Commerce.  2nd place and the qualifier winner!

Qualifier Shootout Winner Night of Fire.  He got 3  of these trophies last year!!

He was SO proud of his 2nd place trophy!  We were so proud of him as well. 

They poured water all over him for getting 2nd place!!

Jackson also got to race at Bristol TN.  We went out 1st round, but he was a super good sport!

Well here is to another year of racing and to hopefully documenting it better!!  As Jackson has always said before any sports game or racing.  We praise God when we win or loose!!

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  1. I pray for him this year to have an even better year than his first! With his attitude of "we praise God when we win or lose," it means he is already a winner when he steps onto the first racetrack. I know you guys have much fun during race season, and I will be praying every step of the way. We love all of you, Mom


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