Monday, March 14, 2011

Jackson's Test and Tune Day

Jackson and Bart are to the left in the Black car. This particular day was not a race. Jackson was able to run his car down the track 4 time. He did really good for the first time really driving his car. He is suppose to run his car 1/8 of a mile in 12.9 seconds. If everything goes the way its suppose to go that would top his speed at about 40-50 mph! The first 2 times down the track he went 1/4 of a mile and they said he was going about 80 miles an hour!! The guys at the end of his 1/8mile said they were going to call him quarter mile Jackson! Me and Stephen just tried to stay out of the way! We sat mostly in the Golf Cart while Bart did all the hard work!
Putting his arm restraints on and buckling him up!!
Staging and getting ready for his lights at the tree for the first time ever!!!
This is Stephen, Maddie Kate, Jackson and Hot Rod. They had alot of fun playing and riding scooters. After the track closed and the men were getting the trailers ready and loaded they drove the golf cart around!!
Jackson's first points race is this Saturday. Can't wait!! Join us at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce this Saturday 3-19-11!!

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