Thursday, March 10, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Birthday Parties!!!

One of my favorite blogs is Kellys Korner. I have participated in her Show Us Your Life a few times and when I saw she was doing one for Birthdays I was so excited. I love doing my kids birthday parties! I usually plan months ahead and I try to always make everything. Since we bought Jackson a Jr Dragster (more about that later) for his 8th birthday we decided to take the extra money for a party and spend it towards getting him ready to race. His bday is in October and that is right in the middle of football. We had games every Saturday so it just made since this year to do with just family. I always take cake or cupcakes to school so his classmates can sing Happy Birthday. Thats what it is all about. Its not about the presents!!
This is Jackson's 6th birthday party! He had a Halloween Dress up party. He had a few friends from school and they all looked so cute dressed up! Jackson was an Indian(I made the costume)

I love to make the cakes and decorate them myself. I have also been known to buy cakes from local bakeries and decorate them myself! I found these cute cakes at Walmart for $10 a piece!! They were a hit!! For some reason I can't think of the goodies we gave out, but I usually do some kind of neat thing. This is his 8th birthday cake!! Made by yours truly!! Oh and my husband kinda helped!!
This is Jackson's 7th birthday! October can be really hot or really cold. This particular day turned very cold during the evening!
We have rented bouncy houses a few times. They are always a big hit! I get nervous the kids are going to get hurt!
I had to make 2 cakes at this party. He just wanted something plain this year!
He use to like GA Bulldogs. Now he is a Tech fan. We usually have lots of food. I let Jackson choose what he wanted served. We had PNut Butter Sandwiches, Ham sandwiches, chips and drinks.

When your sons birthday is in Jan. you kinda have to play the whole party thing by ear. Stephens 1st bday was awesome! His second on the other hand not so great. There was a huge ice storm the night before his big party. We had invited everyone. So since the ice storm hit we canceled the party and rescheduled for the Sunday afterwards. The roads were still bad, but we had the grandparents and one of my best friends. Stephen LOVES Mickey Mouse! So I worked on a cake for about a week! Not great, but it was cute!!
This is Stephen's 3rd bday. I was worried we would have snow or something, but thankfully the snow came and left about 2 weeks before!!
Bart, Jackson and my self decorated this cake. For Stephen's 3rd we decided to go small on the party and buy tickets to the Monster Truck show. The house was full after it was said and done.
Stephen loved being sung "Haffy to you"!!
Stephen's 1st bday was my favorite and of course those pictures are know where to be found. :( It was trains and it was the cutest party ever. I have already scrap booked them so at least they are completely lost.


  1. How impressive! Nice job on the cakes!

  2. I love dress up parties and I'm totally impressed with all those cakes!

  3. Very cool - I really like the Mickey cake, I think it turned out great!

  4. Those are terrific! I love that you take what the kids are interested in and go from there. Good Mama! Thanks for stopping by the Nuthouse today!


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