Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Friday I picked up Jackson a little early from school to start our Spring Break. We ended up playing outside for a while. After playing we got ready and headed to the race track. Before picking up Jackson we drove to my Grandma and Grandpas. They always have the prettiest yard! Jackson and Matt really liked the tulip. We counted the tulip buds and stopped to smell the flowers!!
Stephen decided he got hot. So he stripped down to his undies!!
Monday we went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was a really good movie. Jackson had a friend go with him. Samuel is such a good friend to Jackson!

After the movie the boys wanted to ride 4wheelers. Samuel rode Jacksons 4wheeler.
This was Jackson wearing "MY" girlie rain boots. Samuel wore Jackson's mucking boots and Jackson knows better than to ride in his good shoes so he decided to wear my rain boots!! This was before he hit the track. Afterwards I cleaned up the dirt bike. It was so muddy!
This is my boys right now. Stephen is lights out and Jackson is watching Disney Channel!! They have matching pjs. This is suppose to be spring break and they are wearing there warm fuzzy winter pjs. Jackson has his turned inside out. He says the outside is softer and its a waste to wear them the right way!!

Well thats our Monday for Spring Break 2011. Tuesday is going to be an even greater day. I am so enjoying having my Jackson home from school.

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  1. Wow Juli! This is reallllyyy Cool that you do this! i didnt know you did this! that is awesome! --Auti


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