Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My life through my camera phone!

One day we had to help Bart. Bart was chaining the track hoe down and Stephen decided to crawl in the bucket! He was a dirty mess!! I had a flat tire and we had to take my car to Walmart to get it fixed. Stephens hair looked super cute and I just had to take a picture!!
Molly and Stephen walked to church with me one night after eating. Since we were walking in the parking lot I asked them to hold hands. They looked super sweet so I of course took a picture!!
Stephen and I came down with the flu. Stephen threw up all over our bed and was running a super high fever. That night while he fever was high Bart and I tried everything to cool him down. He LOVES popcicles so I bribed him to eat one if he wanted to sit in my bed! We are very strict about no eating or drinking in our house (except the kitchen!) So this was way over our comfort level!! The things we do for our kiddos!!
Clean up time at the Skelton house goes by way faster when you try to ride your cars together!!
Stephen went to the dentist for a cleaning. They found a cavity. :( I cried. I am sure they made fun of me when I left, but I was so sad. I feel like a bad mom. He can't brush his teeth and I failed him. Jackson is 8 and has never had a cavity. Stephen is ALWAYS brushing his teeth. BUT I never floss with him. His teeth are super close together so we are going to have to do better.
Finaly got the cars in the play room!!!
Stephen picked out a tinkerbell toothbrush. I talked him into switching to a Diego!
The next Jr. Dragster!!
I took Mary Grace and her friend to the Justin Beiber movie. Jo Anna kept Stephen. She let him play with Mary's babies!! Bart might not let him ever stay with Grandma again!! Just kidding!!
I am so glad my phone takes pictures. I don't know what I would do without it!! My real camera is a great one, but I always forget it or forget to charge the battery. Jackson likes having his picture made less and less everyday. I have to beg him to let me take a picture. Maybe I can get some of Jackson uploaded soon!!

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