Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jackson's 1st race

I know I posted the same pictures on Facebook, but at least here I can explain everything that goes on during the day. When we first get there we have to (Bart) unloads everything. We then fill out papers telling what kind of car it is with all of Jackson's license information. Jackson then signs it and we take him to the check in station. We get pit passes which is a bracelet sign some more papers and they check Jackson's car, arm restraints, helmet, and make sure he is wearing fire proof gloves, shoes and race suit. If he checks in good then its race time!! You get about 1 hr to race. After you are waiting in line you get about 2 runs. Hopefully when we get more organized with this we can get about 3 practice runs.
After the hour for practice you go back to your trailers and wait for them to call for qualifying. If you qualify you get to race again. If you don't qualify you are done for the day.
Jackson qualified and he raced against Skull Crusher II. He is Atlanta Dragways 2010 track champion. Although Jackson raced against him he did super good. He did lose, but we are really proud of how he did!
There is alot to this racing stuff that I don't understand. I want to document his time.
After each race they give you a ticket. This ticket is very important to read and see what he did. When you go to race you have to have a dial in time. This number is part of the bracket that is used to get points and win at the end of the year. This number is also important because you have to tell the officials what he is dialing in at. Jackson is allowed to race a 12.90 car. Saturday he dialed in at a 13.22. We will need to take some weight out of his car and that should help the number go down. If Bart dials Jackson's car in at a 12.90 but he goes a 13.22 then his number is way over what Bart says it should be. In return he loses that bracket. Another bracket that is very important is the Reaction Time. .000 is perfect.

-.001 is almost perfect, but the - stands for red light. If you get a red light during a race you loose. I was very proud of Jackson that he did not red light at all.

Here is a list of Jackson's R/T (reaction time), MPH, and how long it took him to drive in an 1/8 of a mile.

Run 1 - Practice

R/T .076

1/8 13.358

MPH 48.39

Run 2 -Practice

R/T .218

1/8 13.370

MPH 46.39

Run 3 - Qualifying

R/T .220

1/8 13.254

MPH 49.11

Run 4 - Race (lost against Skull Crusher II - 2010 track champion)

Dialed 13.22

1/8 13.278

R/T .301

MPH 48.50

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