Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

I am loving that we are getting ready to go to the race track.  Test n tune is Saturday and I can't wait to see old friends  and hopefully make new ones!  We love to do this as a family and the kids have so much fun!  

I am loving the fact that I get to see this precious little girl today!!!!!!!!

I am loving that my boy is the catcher this year.  Last year he wasn't so he has had a year off.  He is doing good!

I seriously love this face!  You can totally tell he is smiling can't you!!

I love that the boys got to ride together this weekend.  Jackson rides all the time, but Bart was able to help Stephen.  He is riding SOOOO good to be only 4!!


  1. Have fun at the race track!! That sounds really cool and like tons of fun :)

  2. Awesome! That looks like fun! :)

    Dropping by from WILW.


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