Thursday, March 15, 2012


We had to go to the bank today and take Bart lunch.  There was a CVS just right down the road.  So I hurried up and got a small list of things that were on sale that I already had coupons for.  Since racing is starting and you know its going to be hot we have to have drinks.  We always take our huge water cooler that Bart uses for his job and fill it with water and ice.  We drink TONS of water, but I am a soda junkie and the kids of course likes to have a soda every now and then!  CVS had a great sale of drinks this week along with free Zyrtc and free Pediacare cough medicine.

Here is what I bought:

2 Irish Spring body wash
1 Pediacare cough and cold
1 pack of zyrtc 5ct.
5 12 packs of diet coke
3 snicker bunnies
1 Garnier hair spray

All I spent with tax and all was $15.11

The little boys needed cough medicine, I was in great need of hair spray and someone is always needing the zyrtc alergy medicine and the boys go through body wash like crazy!!  Its like I paid 0.25 a can and got everything else for free!!!!!!!!  I did not start off with any extra care buck and I don't have any left, but I still think I did EXCELLENT!

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