Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd visit with Baby Grace

I checked Jackson out of school a little early Wednesday so we could see my sweet niece Grace.  We are so in love with her!!!!!  She is the best baby!  I can say that because Stephen was a nightmare.  Had to be held all the time and if I ate the wrong things well he screamed!  Jackson was an easy baby.  He was sick alot because he was in day care and was around germy kids!  But he ate good, slept good, and was a good baby!  Grace has the prettiest skin, but when you have genes like her mama and her Nana then she would have had pretty skin like them!  Her hair is so pretty!  I can't wait to see if it will change colors.  Jackson was born with jet black hair and it is blonde now.  Stephen was born with blonde hair and kindly had a redish tent for a very very short time and his is super blonde!!

Stephen was so excited to hold her and he held her 1st again!  He had help with Aunt Holly!!  You can tell he was proud with that smile of his!

Jackson has had lots of practice holding babies!!  He is a pro and was excited to hold her!! 
I thought this was sweet of them.  Jackson was playing the Wii and Stephen was watching!  

Jackson is ready to see them again, but Stephen said "I liked going to Holly's, but its a long way.  They can come to my house next!"  

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