Saturday, March 10, 2012

My baby niece is here!!!!!!!!!!

After fighting over who would hold Grace the first, Stephen won!!!  It was suppose to be Jackson, but I guess we just forgot all about that and Stephen was in LOVE!!  He LOVES babies anyways, but this baby is different!  He is a big cousin now and he was ever so sweet to her.

I got to hold her last night and this morning and my heart is sooooooo full of love.  I could sit and hold her all day and if I wasn't holding her I could just stare at her.  She is the prettiest baby I have ever seen!!

Jackson was in love!!  He was soooo mad that we had to leave.  I think  he could stay all day!!

Jackson likes being an older cousin too!!

She had her eyes open a good bit while we were there this morning!  Isn't that hat adorable???  She knows how to suck a paci already!  I love babies with pacis!! 
The boys liked looking at her and she sneezed or something and spit her paci right out!  Jackson was looking right at her through the cradle and it scared him!!!

Stephen would take his fingers and act like he was tickling her!!
I get to keep her while Holly goes back to work.  I can't wait!!!  We are going to have soooooo much fun!

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  1. What a beautiful post! We should marvel at children that are not jealous of new babies! Your children are very adept at sharing their things with others. They do look so happy and excited about their new cousin. You get to play with that beautiful, sweet baby all day! I am the jealous one!!!! Love you, Mom


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