Saturday, March 3, 2012

GT Lover!

For Valentines day we usually don't go all out.  We save that for Birthdays and for Christmas.  For Valentines Day we did something a little special for Jackson and did a room make over.  He is in LOVE with Georgia Tech and his best buddy was selling all the stuff in his room that was GT.  I thought it was a great idea to buy it and surprise him for Valentines Day.  So Friday before Valentines Day I could not wait.  I picked it up and of course Stephen was with me and saw everything so I went ahead and put his room together and did not show it to him till Bart got home that night.  I wish I would have taken a picture of his face when he opened the door.  

Since we waited till Bart got home from work and Jackson knew something was going on I had to act like we were mad about how messy his room has been.  He keeps a pretty clean room for a 9 yr old, but his closet is always a mess.  He doesn't keep it organized and it drives ME NUTS!  I have his clothes organized  by summer clothes, winter clothes and church clothes. One of his chores is to fold and put away his clothes. Most of the time he does not put his clothes up right, but he is only 9.  So anyways I kept his door shut and when Bart got home I gave him his laundry basket and told him I clean his room the way it should be and we were all going to walk in and see it together so that EVERYONE knew what it looked like clean and that he will know so when he goes to clean his room he would know how to fix it!!!

He has 2 big pillows that aren't pictured because I had to buy new ones.  The picture from the far left has been in his room for ever and it was a gift from his aunt and uncle on his dad side.  They are big GA Bulldog fans, but he was sooo cute I could not take it down.  The Big picture is of Tim Tebow.  Jackson LOVES him and really looks up to him.  His Aunt Holly subscribed the Sports Illustrated Kids for his Birthday and Tim Tebow had his picture in it.  Jackson loved it so much I decided to frame it.  I have got to find a bed skirt and a curtain.  I can't find a curtain I like so I might have to make something.  For now the flag works!
The green frame is a certificate for doing the Action Show at Hollywood Studios at Disney.  You can watch his video here.   His name is something he made in Kindergarten using tissue paper!  I love how Stephen is looking at his stuff in this picture.  He was soooo good and did not tell the secret about the new room. 
I love his letters that are orange.  They matched his other room, but know I think I am going to paint them either black or yellow and might do a really thin stripe of the other color.  
Wall art.  

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  1. What a great surprise for Jackson. I love his new room. You really did a good job. We could make some curtains with the valance being either yellow or blue, and the bottom curtains being "yellow jacket" logo material. Tell Jackson I love it, and pat yourself on the back for me because you did a great job! Really proud of Stephen for keeping the surprise going!! Love, Mom


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