Monday, April 9, 2012

3rd points race 04/07/2012

I brought my camera fully charged to the race track Friday night.  Jackson had a friend ride with us.  I had every intention of taking a picture of them.  But I forgot.  Well I didn't necessarily forget, I chased Stephen around and then we hurried to tech, the to the staging lanes and then back to the trailer to fill up the car with gas then back to the staging lanes, then back to the trailer for more gas and then again one more time.  Then power hour started and Jackson's friend had to leave.  Me and Stephen settled in for the night with a Strawberry Shortcake movie that was left in the trailer when we bought it.  Stephen decided it was a boring girl movie and I left him in the trailer to go to a friends motor home to borrow the movie Brother Bear.  Stephen watched it for about 10 minutes and was asleep by 11.

Saturday we woke up.  Got a shower and brushed our teeth.  We rode on the golf cart to Commerce Country Cafe.  Ate some breakfast and headed back to the track.  We waited around a bit and let the kids ride scooters.  Soon it was tech time and we headed to get our bracelets.  Stephen is always shy, and the lady giving out the bracelets tells him he can't have on unless he talks to her.  So shyly he ask "can me pease have baclet?"  "tank you"

After tech we waited for them to call us for time trials.  Jackson got in 2 time trials I think.

After time trails were over we waited for them to call us for qualifying.  Jackson got a .082 or maybe it was a .083.  He was close to the front and there were several more 8-9 yr olds waiting to go.  We thought since he got the .082 light he didn't have a chance in getting it.  Last weeks winner was like a .036 and a perfect light is .000  You have to get as close to the .000 light without someone getting closer and you win.  He was really bummed, but if you know my Jackson you know he has the sweetest spirit about him.  He was sad that he didn't get a better light, but he went on with life and decided we would try harder next race.

We went back up to the line to watch the older ones qualify.  After everyone was done I went up to the tower just to see if he had gotten it by some chance.  We had heard he got beat by the 10-12 yr old group, but its so loud you can't hear.  The announcer was up there and I asked him who got it for the 8-9 yr old group.  He said soooo very slowly Jackson.  There are so many new 8-9 yr olds this year that I was waiting for the last name before I got excited.  I didn't know if there might be another Jackson.  Finaly he said Earwood.  I was so excited!!!!!!!!!  He gave me Jackson's trophy and I carried it out to Bart and Stephen and Bart was like you better double check because I don't think Jackson got one.  I said he had Jackson's name written down and he read it to me and then handed me the trophy.

Jackson was in a friends motor home and I really wanted to surprise him.  We drove the golf cart to his friends motor home and about the same time the announcer comes over the radio with the names of the top qualifier.  Jackson ran down the steps of the motor home and then everyone starts telling him congratulations.  Okay I am getting teary eyed thinking of how happy my baby was!!!  He has worked soooooo hard for this.  Last year he had the best lights and we got 3 trophies for it.  The 1st being the night of fire that was in June.  So since he has already got one this early in the season we are so proud and excited for him!!!!

He has done so good this year.  Jackson asked how he got Top Qualifier with his .082 light.  I told him "by the grace of GOD and your mamas prayers"  God knew Jackson needed that.  We are so thankful to God's blessings!

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  1. We are really so proud of Jackson and all of you. He has the weight on his back, but all of you participate in the race. Even little Stephen. Does he like being at the race track? I guess he finds plenty to do there. When we have been there, it is like a little family! Hope you guys have a great week Love, Mom


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