Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I am luvin that Jackson has no homework this week.  It means he gets to come home and play till his heart is content!!!  I am also loving the new early bedtime since its CRCT week ;)  The kids have actually liked it as well and have not fussed about it at all!

I am loving that I get to stay home with this little feller still!  He cried when I left him with daddy so I could go to the dentist.  Not sure how school is going to go come August, but I sure am loving he still loves his mommy.  I am also loving that he is doing so good on his letter recognition and bike riding abilities!!

and of course I am loving this sweet girl.  Here mama let me keep her Tuesday and I loved every minute of it.  Except the time that my husband was being a baby hog, but then I got her to laugh while I tickled her belly!!
In other non related picture news..............

I am loving the fact that Bart bush hogged our land.  Makes it look so good.  He also brought me several buckets of compost that we will put on the garden around the corn we planted.

I am loving the fact that my garden looks amazing (thanks to Bart and Farrell!!!)  even though we had one morning of frost.  It doesn't look like they got burnt or anything!!  I am hoping it didn't hurt them since they look soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that Jackson seems to be doing really good for his CRCT test.  His teacher emailed me today and said his small group teacher that is in charge of him while taking the test said he is really taking his time!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!  He usually rushes through his test and that ends up with a bad grade.  Praying he does good since he is slowing down and taking his time!!

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