Sunday, April 15, 2012

Masters 2012 and Sunday surprises!

My dad went to the Masters this past weekend and bought the boys new hats!  Stephen LOVES his hat.  Stephen didn't really realize the hats were for him and bubba so after they left he saw them sitting out side on the porch.  I told them they were for him and Jackson and he went straight outside to get them.  He hasn't taken it off since.  Well except for bath and supper.  He tried laying down with it for bed, but I told him he wouldn't be comfortable.

He wanted a picture taken of just the kids by themselves!!

But he agreed to one with him and bubba so Grandma and Grandpa could have one.
The pictures are crappy quality so I will have to try again.  Maybe with a little polo shirt or something!

I was really glad that they came over today.  Mary Grace is in gymnastics and they are always on the go so they are familiar with busy schedules.  Life gets hectic and we don't get to see each that much or even talk much.  With baseball, soccer and racing on top of all our normal school and church activities things get crazy.  Its nice when people take time especially dad and Jo Anna's schedule just to come over to play with the boys.  Its the little things in life that matter the most.    Me and Mary Grace, my little sister who by the way is now as tall as me tried giving dad the pouty face and puppy dog eyes so we could all go to DQ.  After 30 years the pouty mouth and puppy dog eyes didn't work!!  

We were also blessed with a visit from Nana and Papa.  Stephen got to show off his new riding skills since his daddy taught him to ride without training wheels.  Jackson was pretty proud of him as well! Bart tried taking a video, but I am not sure how it turned out.  He has to ride in the shop since its about the only place to ride around here since we have a gravel drive way.

I have had a great day with our surprise visits.  After Nana and Papa left I came inside to cook supper.  The phone rang a few times from Bart and about the 3rd time I saw his number and thought uh what now.  But it was actually important this time and I was told to get outside.  Jackson wrecked his motorcycle and I ran out there.  He rides really really good, but he wrecked it.  Its not the 1st time and I am sure its not the last time either.  Bart did make him get back on it and ride one more lap.  He went really slow that time!  He has a bad scratch on his arm and his knee is all bruised up.  Tough little guy though!

Praying everyone has a really blessed week.  We had lots on our prayer list at church so those are really close to my heart right now.  Jackson has a baseball game Monday night and Stephen has soccer Tuesday, I have a bible school meeting Tuesday and Jackson's little friend is coming over Wednesday for Church.  Not sure what will get into Thursday, but I know one little boy who is excited for racing Saturday!  OH and Praise God a soul was saved this morning at Church!!!!!  God is so good!!

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