Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baseball 2012

In the middle of Racing and Stephen playing soccer we also manage to make it to Baseball.  We missed one game because of a race and this Saturday we will be missing another game.  Thats the last we will miss.  

Here he is before his 1st game he played.  So cute!

Here he is getting ready to bat.
I have forgotten to give anyone a schedule so here is a list of the remaining games.
Saturday April 28th @ 9:00
Thursday May 3rd @ 5:30
Saturday May 5th @ 10:30
Thursday May 10 @ 5:30
Saturday May 12 @ 10:30
Monday May 14th @ 5:30

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  1. Could you tell me where the Thursday games are? What about the Saturday games. Are Stephen's games over with? If not, where are they held? The first picture makes Jackson look so grown up! What a handsome, grown-up looking young man. I hope you would tell him I said that. He has a good batting stance. Let me know about soccer games, and location of Jackson's games. Love, Mom


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