Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter Sunday Jackson was with his dad.  We missed him really bad.  We didn't have an Easter Egg hunt or anything.  The Easter bunny came by and left a little surprise!  Stephen was excited that the Easter bunny left something for him and his bubba!  After an amazing Easter Service at Church we went to eat at Wendels in Helen.

When Jackson got home we hurried and got him ready for Church.  It was the start of our Spring Revival.  

These two boys melt my heart and were so excited to be back with each other!

Stephen cracks me up cause he is so stinkin silly!  He looks so grown up and to think hes only 4 and will be starting PreK this fall.  :(

Look at him.  Man he is something else!  He was eating some candy from the Easter bunny and had blue teeth!
Looking at these pictures makes me wanna go pick the weeds out!  maybe I can get Bart to just put out fresh mulch or maybe Stephen will wanna work and pull them out!!  I am just not an outdoorsy person!

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