Thursday, June 7, 2012

SEJRA Race - Best Weekend EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning at 3 am we left to go race.  We headed towards Orangeburg, SC to let Jackson race.  It was a 2 day race with 2 races each day.  We ended up doing the 2 races Saturday, but since it was a 4 1/2 hour drive home we only did 1 race Sunday.  It was an awesome track and the people there where so nice!!

Waiting in the pits.

1st time down the track at Orangeburg Dragstrip.

Last race in Commerce the Chaplin handed out braclets to the kids.  It was nice to see this hanging from his stearing wheel!

Stephen was wore out from being up so early and not going to be on time Friday night!  He was taking a nap right beside the fence line and it was really loud with the outlaw cars!!

Jackson brought home the runner up trophy!!

Jackson and his pit crew!

Seriously Stephen really isn't picking his nose.  He knows that is one of the things that totally get on my nerves and he has started doing this when he doesn't want his picture taken.  

He was picking on his brother.  Thank God he isn't a nose picker!!!  ha!!

This race was a really fun laid back race!  We seriously didn't know but one family there.  Saw lots of familiar faces, but no one we actually race with except Good Time Charlie!

Anyways the boys of course had a blast playing with each other, making new friends and riding their scooters!!

So what does your kid do during the waiting time to stage their car?

Mine plays racing games!

They also have an annoying mama who takes their pictures.........ALOT

And then occasionally she ask daddy really nice to take her picture!!

Jackson with his semi finalist trophy/plaque.

It was a 4 1/2 hour truck ride.................pulling a very large trailer.............while having both boys sit beside each other!

Thank God for the person who invented kindles and the game solitare and iCarley!  
Seriously it was the best weekend EVER!!!  Sometimes its nice just to get away and have fun with your family!  It was also nice bring home some trophies!!!!!!!!!  

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  1. These are great pictures!! I LOVE the one with you and your sons. You look beautiful in that one. I guess it is harder work for Bart without any help. So you guys liked that track better. So happy that Jackson and Bart did so well, and that Jackson brought the trophy home. Seriously, where is he putting these huge trophies? If he continues to race, you will have to have a house just for trophies, and then when Stephen starts racing. Thanks for sharing all of the photos so I could see them! What time did you guys get home? So I guess you will not be racing this weekend? Love you all, Mom


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