Monday, June 4, 2012


We saw a man Saturday morning wearing a tye-dye shirt.  This morning Matt came in wearing an awesome tye-dye shirt.  So while in town this afternoon we set out to get some tye-dye stuff.  We had so much fun and I am soooo glad we did this outside on the porch instead of inside my house!  The kit provided gloves which I thought Oh I will be careful and wont get my hands to stained!  ha!!!  Everyone's hands are stained.  

They boys had a blast and they did it all by themselves!

Jackson was the main one wanting to do it!  He got on his kindle this morning and researched it for about an hour on you tube!

He watched several different videos on how to do it and he decided on the spiral technique.  

Very carefully making his cousin Jayden's.  He used purple on hers cause he wanted to make it girly for her!!

My aunt Shelia says Stephen has "swag"!  He is hilarious!!

Of course Jackson was precious with the little boys!  He is always a big help and so patient with them!!!

Stephen didn't want help and of course he got some yellow on each four parts!

Baby Grace was taking a nap inside.  She didn't get to par take in the festivites, but the boys made sure to make her a tye-dyed onesie.  We are letting them sit till morning to make the color prettier!  Can't wait to see the finished product!!!!


  1. This is exciting! So glad to see what the boys did with their artistic side! Love, Mom

  2. He does have swag!!! Jackson is so patient. I am so glad that he is kind to the little ones and so helpful. I went back and looked at the pictures again. They are so good. You definitely do not use the television as a baby-sitter. You do things with the children! Love, Mom Again


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