Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest favorites!

So I love pinterest and I love making things and keeping my kids busy right!!  Well I saw on Pinterest homemade ice cream through another blog I read!  Its super easy and all you need is a sandwich size ziplock bag, gallon size ziplock bag, milk, vanilla flavoring, salt, ice and sugar!  

I let the boys pour their stuff in the ziplock bags.

Then they shook it really good

Then we poured them in bowls.

and then we enjoyed our snack! 
Its really easy and something your kids can do mostly by themselves.

1 Table spoon Sugar
1/2 Cup of Milk
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix together in small ziplock bag

Fill the gallon ziplock bag half way with ice and spread 6 Tablespoons of salt on top.  Close gallon ziplock bag and shake for about 5-8 minutes till it thickens and no longer runny.

I used skim milk, but saw lots of recipes with half&half and I am sure that whole milk would be tons better!!

All 3 boys LOVED it and we are trying chocolate next!

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  1. Wow, your children and Matt must love you bunches and bunches. You are so smart to find new and exciting things to do for them. So proud of you and proud of the children. I have some half and half that I have to use. Not quite a cup, but I am going to try this. I could fill the rest with skim milk and use the same amounts you did. Thanks, Mom


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