Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 part 1

We had an exciting Christmas! We went to Disney over Thanksgiving so I decorated the week before!

Here is my Jackson on the end! He enjoyed being a Wisemen.
Stephen was a cow and he kinda left the scene to go sit with nana and papa! After a short visit he returned and it was a Gorgeous manger scene!!

Christmas eve we celebrated with my mom and Tif! Stephen loved opening presents!!

Jackson was so excited to be home after 5 days with his dad! He especially loved coming home to open presents!!

We left Santa some of meme and poppis homemade cookies!!

Jackson and his 2nd grade teacher Mrs Cain!

Jackson, Stephen, Mary Grace and Kahlab!

Stephen loved making cookies!!

Jackson too!!

We paid Santa a visit!!

Okay there will be more later!!

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