Friday, November 5, 2010

Just a little catchup!

Its been way to long. We have been way to busy. Life is getting back to normal since our football days are over. I am sad and I am glad. I am sad because it helped me get out of the house and socialize!! I am sad because I LOVED watching my little man play. I am happy because we are not so strapped for time. I can get supper ready, spend time quality time with my kids and not have to rush rush rush to get supper at, baths taken, teeth brushed, homework done and in the bed before 10pm. This little man turned 8 October 18Th. We celebrated as much as possible with a tiny party with grandparents and taking cake to school. Gosh where did the last 8 years go. He got his report card about a week ago. 1 B and 2 As the others were S. He is a reading champ!! I love to hear him read!! He wants to start wrestling and in Feb 2011 he starts racing. He got to hear his dragster crank and run for a few minutes this week. Just a little bit more tweaking and he is going to drive it down Todds driveway! He saved up a whole years worth of Christmas money, tooth fairy $, working in the garden $ and 2 years worth of bday $ to buy him an iTouch!! He has alot more saved up and it is going to his racing!! He can't wait!!
This little brother is always up to some trouble. If its not dumping out the toys in the living room and then not playing with them then its trying to escape and go outside. He is always doing something. He never watches tv in the house. He does LOVE to watch Thomas the Train on the portable DVD in the car. He is trying to talk up a storm. He will try to say most anything I tell him to. His Ls come out a Ws, his Fs are Ps and I know there are others, but I can't think of them right now. He is doing really good about potty training. We are down to 1 accident during the day and of course a diaper at night!!

The 2 of them together can be really sweet at times!! They are very loving towards each other and have a very special bond!! So glad I have 2 boys!! Yes they are shaved headed little boys hear. I was the crazy mom who shaved their heads only to take them to the beauty shop and let them shave #8 in the back of their heads. Yes lots of people talked, but it was fun for the moment. Will I do it again???? probably not!! These 2 little boys can also be very active together and can on most nights be seen fighting with swords or tackling each other!! Its never a dull moment in our house!!

Stephen loves to be outside and since its been cold he has been begging me to take him out. We don't get to go out as much, but the times we are out he is wide opened side ways. He is usually found jumping. He has learned to climb the rock wall and of course loves the really fast slide. He enjoys riding his 4wheeler when his mom remembers to charge the battery!!!

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