Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2010 is over................................

It has been crazy busy with football, bible study and school starting. I took only 23 pictures the whole month of August. I am keeping Matt 3 days every other week and go to the school one week and then every other week I keep Matt 4 days a week. Time is going by way to fast. Jackson is LOVING football and Stephen is just being a normal 2 year old trying to potty train. Maybe September will bring more pictures!
Jacksons new book bag with his name monogrammed in yellow! Jackson picked his own outfit out for the first day of school!!

He also picked out his favorite breakfast treat. He never gets to choose during the school year except his 1st day. If I let him choose he would pick sugary breakfast everyday.

Most of his supplies minus the copy paper!

Jacksons' 1st game!!

Jackson is center on offense. He has to call the huddle then he hikes the football to the quarter back!!

The run through banner!!

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