Friday, July 30, 2010

The 4th!!!

I know its way late, but I had to share these wonderful pictures of my family. Its been crazy busy here and I have not been able to do much updates. I know some of the family might be missing these 2 sweet boys so here are a few from the 4th. We had a fun filled day starting with Church. It was a wonderful service. After church we ate lunch with my in laws and played in the swimming pool. We also set up our water slide. I promised I would not share the pictures online. After a little cat nap for the boys we headed to Helen to watch the fireworks.

Jackson enjoying the sparklers!!
Stephen and his scuffed up nose. He enjoyed his Parklers!! Yes with out the S. Thats how he would say it!! He actually continued his cat nap in the car. So he was still tired!!

My favorite 3 boys in the world!!! Stephen was scared of the surrounding people who were setting off Fireworks in the parking lots.

Jackson being the best big bro ever!! He really does love this guy. Jackson hates loud noises so this is really big for Jackson to be holding Stephens ears and not his own!!!

And here I am with me and my 2 little joys!!! Seriously aren't they adorable????

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