Tuesday, January 12, 2010

we are still here

We have not left the country. I have not stopped taking pictures and life is still going on around the skelton home. We have been busy, sick or lazy. Mostly me being lazy cause the boys at my house are always full of energy. My computer is now sitting at best buy in the geek squads hands. It has a virus and I think the virus must have been contagious because the little man of the house has been sick going on about 2 weeks. It started last Monday and we were able to take a small/tiny break on Friday and Saturday only for another virus to attack him Saturday night. He was running a fever of 103.3 last Monday night and all day Tuesday. He slept most of the day and was miserable. Then Saturday night we went to Best Buy for about 10 minutes and had to leave. He has been miserable since and hopefully this stomach bug will leave our home. I really thought it was teething, but I think this has gone on way to long. He is now getting fever blisters and the one on his lip right now, bless his heart is ugly. Jackson has been super excited about all of the snow days, but very upset he has missed 2 basketball games. Bart is outside freezing his butt off while working to take care of his family. Bless him for being such a good man, husband, and daddy!! and I have been getting stuff ready for the little mans bday party. OH MY he is almost 2. I have a two year old. Its hard to believe he is almost 2. Time has flown for both Jackson and Stephen. Well pray for the little man and hope ya'll all stay warm. Love to all!!

oh and I will get some pictures up as soon as we get our computer back, well after I get some work done on our taxes. March 15th comes to quick for me. Wish we had till April 15th. Oh well!!

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