Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow days Jan 10-15

We had alot of fun during our week off for snow!! We played out Mon, Tuesday and Wednesday!!
The kids loved being pulled behind the tractor. Monday I had an earache so I actually did not go out, but the boys did! Papa left Stephen on the 4wheeler to help Jackson and Stephen took the 4wheeler key out and lost it in the snow! Monday and Tuesday we played at Pam and Farrell's (my inlaws!) We even got yummy lunches cooked for us!! Papa tried building a snowman, but it just wasn't happening! It was a thin layer of ice over the almost 7 inches of snow! He was able to make this big ball so Stephen was happy! He wanted to ride around with it so Daddy put it in the back of the sled!

I was brave enough to let Jackson ride me around on the 4wheeler! He is just about like his dad and this was probably the last time I will ride with him! He went to fast and scared me! ha!! And he is only 8 so know telling what he will be like in a few years much less when he turns 16 and I am not in the car with him!!

He got stuck in the ditch!! He did lots of donuts as well!!

They had fun throwing snow balls at their nana!! I was trying to get a good pic, but Jackson was more interested in hitting nana!!

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