Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sundays riding adventure!

Sunday was a great day! After a wonderful Church service and a delicious meal at Truett McConnell College we came home and did a little riding. Well the boys did.....not me!!! Bart had an AWESOME idea to make Jackson a motorcross track! Since he is in the bobcat business he got to work!! Most of the day Friday he worked out in the field and made some awesome jumps!!!

Jackson LOVES the jumps and gets better and better at them!!
After the riding at our house the boys were ready to saddle it up!! Its been a while since they were able to ride so Nana and Papa were super excited to get the horses out!

This is Jackson's new horse. It does not have a good name? If you wanna help him name it just leave a comment! He traded Smokey for this horse!

This is Rocket! Jackson got this horse when he turned 2. Stephen did not ride it, but he really enjoyed leading him around!!

This is Smokey!! He was a horse Jackson got for Christmas and I believe he is now Stephens!

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