Friday, February 4, 2011

What Jackson and Stephen eat

Today over at Kellys Korner she is doing Show Us Your Life on what Toddlers eat. Since I have a toddler and keep a toddler I decided to join in on the fun!!
This is my sweet niece Jayden and Stephen eating a yummy snack of apples and bananas! I also have an 8 year old son. Both of my boys LOVE fruit. They usually eat an apple and banana a day. They love all kinds of fruit: peaches, pears, strawberries, and blue berries are some of the ones that I can think of. I love to do homemade stuff! I have a bread make and I use it all the time. My families favorites are pizza dough, rolls and cheese bread. We do eat store bought breads though. Right now Stephen's favorite bread item is cheese toast. Ever time I ask what he wants to eat for lunch or breakfast its cheese toast. Matt is my little cousin that I keep during the day and his favorites at my house are PB&J and grilled Cheese. They like to help me in the kitchen!! As you can see Stephen has a big plate full of chicken nuggets and veggies. The veggies are canned and I have no problem serving my kids canned veggies. They eat it and LOVE them. This plate is full of mixed veggies. Stephen, my 3 year old, will eat them, but Jackson who is 8 will not touch them. He is alot like me and will only eat them separated. Except the potatoes. Jackson hates anything potato!
I am a terrible mom when it comes to cereal. I use to never buy it. Over the summer we splurged and I let them have a box of those Reese Puffs! Sugary cereal makes Jackson a little wild so he is not allowed to have it during the school week! This was actually the 1st day of school and for the 1st day of school I did let him have them.
Since my kids love veggies we did a garden this summer. During the summer we ate lots of tomatoes sandwiches with cucumber chips. Jackson does not like tomatoes. Stephen was loving some grilled squash and would gobble up tomatoes. Since we do not have a garden during the winter I am not sure if he would do that now.
Now for a typical day this is what I serve:


Jackson Loves egg and cheese biscuits, or any kind of meat biscuit just plain, he also loves Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal, cheese toast with yogurt or he is allowed to eat at school or his papa gets him a biscuit.

Stephen loves EVERYTHING and usually breakfast is the only meal I can count on him eating with out me fussing at him to eat. He loves eggs fried or scrambled, cereal, pancakes, oatmeal, cheese toast, bacon, sausage or ham.


Jackson usually eats lunch at school, but he has asked me to make him lunch before and when I do its usually a PB&J with the All Fruit with Fiber jelly and always crunchy peanut butter. I usually pack a thermos with water or milk (they eat at 10:46 so the milk in a thermos is still good), sometimes chips(although he would eat and eat just chips) apple sauce, or peanuts. I have also made him salads to eat at school.

Stephen is not a picky eater he just does not like to sit still enough to eat. He would rather play! Of Course his Favorite right now is cheese toast. I do let him have 1/2 a slice or even a whole slice. He ALWAYS chooses a fruit to eat with his lunch. Besides the cheese toast he is not much of a sandwich eater. He would rather have the meat by its self or a spoon full of peanut butter creamy not crunchy! He does like Chicken nuggets, hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, and anything else you could think of that is not healthy!! They always have a good serving or two of veggies.


At snack time I always have my 3 boys, Jackson home from school, Stephen and Matt. We always have a fruit to eat before anything else and a yogurt. Jackson gets yogurt for his tummy. Stephen will not eat yogurt unless its creamy. If it has fruit or granola in it he will not eat it. Jackson's favorite is Key Lime Pie, Strawberry or Vanilla. Stephen likes vanilla strawberry.

They like pop corn, peanuts, spoon fulls of peanut butter, cheese sticks, and of course crackers and chips which they rarely have.


We usually never eat out during the week. We try not to eat out during the weekend to save on money, but we usually eat out 2 times on the weekends. While cooking supper for the whole family I only make 1 meal. If the boys don't like it then I am sorry I am not going to whip something else up! I know what they like and usually stick to that. I rotate my meals every 2 weeks. We like to eat breakfast for supper, spaghetti lasagna or meatballs, any kind of chicken, pork chops except Jackson. He has never liked Pork Chops, but I do make him eat a bite or two. You never know he might like it next time. I always make sure there is plenty of veggies for him to eat that night. My family LOVES me to make homemade pizza. We like meatloaf again Jackson does not like meat loaf, but I do make him eat a few bites and then he can fill up on the veggies. Stephen will eat just about anything. We do hot dogs or hamburgers.

Thanks for readying!!


  1. Great post! Love that you make homemade breads and don't buy store bought. That is sooo yummy. I'm gonna have to make me some homemade yeast rolls this weekend. Thanks for all the ideas.


  2. We love homemade yeast rolls. MMMMMM so good!!I do buy store bought, but we love the homemade the best!




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