Monday, December 17, 2012

2nd Day of Christmas vacation

Saturday we woke up and went to Shoney's.  Then we headed over to NASCARS speed park.   We bought the boys a wristband and just let them do want they wanted.

They let me and Stephen ride one a BIG go cart and he only wanted to do it one time!

I just mostly stayed with Stephen and we stayed in the kiddie section.

I did go over and watch my little race car driver.  He was tearing the track up.  2 guys kept saying he should totaly race cars.  Jackson keep saying I do.  Finally I was like yeah he drives a Jr. Dragster.  

Stephen didn't like the go carts to much!

After about 3 or 4 hours at the go carts we went back to the hotel to hit up the beach again!

Another fail at the Christmas card picture!

I loved this of Stephen's little hand!

After the beach the kids played at the pool!

We went back to the go cart track so they could play some more.

We stopped at a hot dog place and ate supper.  We got ice cream there if you couldn't tell.  AND I even helped feed Stephen his ice cream!

We had to check out the work out room!!

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