Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crazy busy month!

This was one crazy busy month!  For my birthday Bart and the boys bought me a new phone.  I entered the smartphone world so these pictures are brought to you by my new camera phone.  Its sooo easy to throw in your back pocket and bring it out ready to use.  So much more handy than my big camera.  I still use it but all these are from my new phone.  Excited to see if its good quality.

Okay so I made this little guy some new Thanksgiving shirts!  All iron on applique.  After one wash though I did go around and hand stitch the iron on.!!

Jackson sang in the chorus for the Veterans Day Program!

Jackson and Riley at the Football party!

Coach Stancil giving Jackson his trophy!

It says 10u but really was 9U

The boys who made it all happen!!

We had lots of wrestling practice!

Stephen had to try one on to see what size to get.

Jackson threw up ONE time on the way to school at 7:30 one morning.  It happened to be the same day of Stephen's Thanksgiving feast at school.  His program was at 11:30.  Jackson was only sick one time and he felt like going so I took him with me.  He did end up running a small fever that night but I don't know what was wrong with him.

We enjoyed seeing him eat lunch at school.  Although he didn't eat anything but apples.  They have the nastiest lunch.  That particular day was apple slices, asparagus and mac n cheese.  Seriously!  

The Saturday before Thanksgiving Jackson was invited like they called and invited him to come because he received an award.  He didn't place this year at Commerce cause he missed 3 or 4 races, but the kids voted him Jr Dragster Sportsmanship.  That says alot for my little man!

Bless him.  He was bummed that he didn't place and all his buddies got trophies, but he realizes that they were at all the races.  Thats why he was voted Sportsmanship!  Cause he is amazing!!!

The next day we headed to Greenville to my sister's house.  She cooked us Thanksgiving Supper!!  Of Course Stephen has to be Stephen and act like a clown!

And then he has to show the whole family he has no manners.  Then his wonderful mom decides its okay and takes a picture.  Seriously who does that.  I am a terrible mom!

I think we had to fuss at Stephen cause he was being a brat and finally he smiled!!  Jackson of course stopped and posed cause he's precious like that!  and if mama has her camera out you just better smile!!

We were out of school the week of Thanksgiving.  Stephen and Jackson were having a fit to make a gingerbread house.

Of course my sweet one picked out the train cause he knew his brother LOVES trains!  He is so sweet like that!  Always thinking of others!!

Tuesday before Thanksgiving Jackson left to spend thanksgiving with his dad and Grace left for the night.  Stephen was asleep by 6:30.  I actually sent this same picture to my sister and husband, sis n law and Tammy saying "maybe he will stay that way till morning."  I went to cook supper and about 7pm I could tell he wasn't resting well.  So I will over to him to run his little head.  I knew right then he was sick.  Temp was 102.7.  For the next 5 days he was feverish.  It actually got up to 104.4 and took him to the doctor and he had nothing.  No flu, no strep, no ear infection.  Just some insane virus.  (Grace must have caught it.  She was sick last week)

You know since I am mom of the year I took my feverish child to spend Thanksgiving with my mom., my grandparents and my sisters family!

I couldn't miss seeing my beautiful sister.  I mean she got the looks and small waist line.  Ugh family genes!
I have alot more on my phone but I will do another later.

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