Thursday, April 21, 2011

From a Sweet old Friend!

If you are a mother I want to encourage you to head over to an old college friend of mines blog. Amber and I met while attending North Ga Tech in Clarkesville! We did not go to school together long. We lost touch and I recently found her through the wonder world of Facebook. She writes her blog . So please head over and read this great post about praying for your kids.

Now I have 2 sweet boys, but with that sweetness is also some meanness!!! If you ever have raised a boy you know what I mean and if you ever have raised 2 boys your REALLY know what I mean!!! HA HA!! Well Amber has 3 boys and bless her heart she seems to keep it all together!! I have not seen Amber in years, or even really talked to her in years. But having read her blog and being Facebook Friends she just seems like the sweetest mother!!

I have been off the blogging world for the past few days or maybe the last week. So today has been my catch up day reading some blogs I love. The boys are napping BTW!!! I remembered she had one about praying for your children. Well GOD surely helps me in ways I am so thankful for. I so needed that TODAY. Not yesterday not last week and not tomorrow. I needed it TODAY! I love praying for my kids and when I do pray for my kids I always thank GOD for them and I always talk to GOD about them. When I do I am always smiling. I mean they are my kids I am so thankful for them and I am so blessed that GOD decided that I could be their mom!! I always pray for both boys. For some reason when I am praying about something for Jackson I feel so bad if I don't at least thank GOD for Stephen as well. Are all moms like that??? Anyways.......... I am so glad I was able to read this today. I needed it and for that I am ever so thankful!! I wanted to share her blog so I hope she doesn't mind!!

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  1. aww... you're so sweet!! I'm glad my blog was able to touch you! I must admit, I often find that I do a lot of jibber jabbering that I just pray everyone can sort through and understand. :)

    As far as the prayer for your children, I often pray for overall health and protection for my boys. I then specify certain prayers for each child. Brennon has asthma, so I often pray for God to strengthen his lungs. That's not saying I don't want God to do those things for my other children, but He knows each child's needs. Remember, he knows your heart so don't worry about saying everything perfect to Him. :)

    I love you and I miss you!! Maybe next trip to Ga we can meet up and let the boys play!


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