Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Tuesday I drove the boys to Braselton to eat at Cracker Barrel and to go to the Mayfield Factory. Stephen thought the cow was peeing on him!!

Of course the little boys found trucks, tractors and equipment to play with while we waited for the tour.
The tour guide thought Jackson was an undercover milk spy from the government.
Jackson thought this was fun!!

Wednesday we drove to Ashville with Bart to look at a trailer. He was going to go Tuesday, but his plans changed. We ate at Ryans up there and on the way home we stopped by the Fun Factory in Franklin, NC and let the boys play.

Thursday we had a play date with Ruthie, Ethan and Caleb Blocker. No pictures were taken, but we had a in Stephens terms "A Super Good time"!! We ate lunch and the boys played. It was great to have grown up talk!!

On Friday, my mom and Tif took us out to eat at the drug store in Cleveland! Jackson loves going there and since it was his spring break he got to choose! Stephen and Matt wanted Chinese of course. We usually eat at Sunflower with mom and Tif on Fridays, but Jackson was not feeling like Chinese!!

After lunch we came home. The boys played outside and we walked to the creek. Well Jackson and Stephen rode to the creek. Miley LOVED running in the water. I think this must have been her first time at the creek. She was WILD!!!

Matt and Stephen are still a little scraed around Miley so they took a little rest on Jacksons 4 wheeler.


  1. What a fun time you guys had!! I love reading of your activities. You guys stay on the go all the time!!

  2. Thanks! We do stay on the go. My husband says I keep the roads hot!!!


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