Thursday, April 7, 2011

our day.....

Today we had a fairly busy day. I started the day off with making 20 sandwiches for the Alzheimer's group that our Church takes food to once a month. While in town we stopped by a local embroidery business to pick up Stephens outfit. They boys were hungry (aka say the McDonald's sign and wanted to go) so I talked them into going to Jackson's school. Jackson eats at 10:46 so we had just enough time to get there and eat with him. They really do love eating with Jackson. They had a great time and we ended lunch with ice cream sandwiches. Big mistake! Stephen has been on a non milk diet for about a week. He can only have Soy Milk. So with the combination of Chocolate Milk and Ice Cream Sandwiches Stephens stomach was all upset after we walked Jackson back to class. You can tell in still picture that he is starting to feel bad. :( Bless his heart. Jackson was still super excited that I surprised him and begged me to stay. After we got home the boys played outside for about 2 hrs. It is such a pretty day and they are definitely loving playing outside. I planted some johnny quills Saturday and now I am praying that make it. The bulbs are still in the ground, but that have played here all week. I hope that have not hurt them.
They decided they would play golf. My daddy gave Jackson a HUGE bag of golf balls for his bday. They love playing with Jackson's clubs and trying to hit like him!! Maybe they will be the next pro at Double Oaks!!
This is where they are suppose to play. For some reason they are not wanting to play here though. I guess its just change of scenery.
Here is the cute little outfit I got for Stephen. Its a Kellys Kid jumper that I found at a consignment sale! I saw it and thought it would be perfect for Spring. Easter Egg hunts and Sunday school?? Cute!! I took it to Lizzy Lou's in Cleveland. If I would have bought it new I would have paid $46 for just the Jon Jon and $10 for the monogram. I paid $7 for the Jon Jon and $7 for the monogram. $14 for a awesome outfit!!!

On a side note Stephen is not liking his soy milk. Any suggestions. He LOVES milk. Crys for it and everything. He will eat his cereal with soy milk, but does not like to drink it by its self. Anyone with suggestions just leave a comment. I would love to hear what works for other kids!

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