Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stephen 04-30-2011

Three years, three months. :(

That's how old my baby is. I am sad about this. It seems like they grow up way way way to fast. He is my last baby and I want him to stay little forever.

Today we made a trip to see my best friend Tammy. Her grandmother passed away and we visited the funeral home. Please pray for her and her family.

After going to the funeral home, we rode to Blairsville to see my sister in law Holly and her family. Stephen was super excited to see Jayden. She could so be his second mommy!! She is so good with him!!

I took this sweet picture of Stephen while we where there.

When we got home Bart had a customer come over. The man commented on how much Stephen had grown since the last time we saw him. He asked how old Stephen was and I just said three and a half. I must be rushing his life away. When he was two years and 11 months and someone asked how old he was I would say 2. My step mother, Jo Anna made a comment about him being 3 years old when he was like 2 years, 11 months, and like 3 weeks. I corrected her and said no he is only 2. I want him to be a baby. A baby forever. But today he is 3. Three years and three months.

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